Artist Recreates Old Military Portraits Featuring Pop Culture Characters

There is a lost art form, and that is the military portrait.

We’ve probably been to at least one art museum that houses those grandiose portraits from years ago that feature prominent military heroes from history, posing for romanticized portraits in their formal military uniforms. They’re pretty impressive-looking.

But it seems that this lost art form is being given a creative revamp thanks to photoshop editor, scadarts.

Scadarts has created a very clever series of pop culture icons who are all dressed up to look like the fancy military portraits of old. And we have to say, they do have a certain flair to them.

Some of these characters include Hans Solo from Star Wars, Thanos from the Avengers, The Ninja Turtles, Leia Organa from Star Wars, and many more.

Speaking about his art, the artist stated he’s ready for many more, saying, “I’m actually getting an itch to do more old military stuff again. At least for a little while.”

Not only are these portraits quite a cool concept, but some of them can also be purchased on his online store as T-shirts.

What do you think of the portraits? Let us know!

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